The vision that captures us. The mission that drives us. The values that define us.

What Is a Vision Statement?

Vision is our dream for Trinity, our communities, and our world as we live on mission. It is our hope, prayer, and dream that each Trinity member would live riveted to this extraordinary dream even as they live their very ordinary life.

Why is a vision statement important?

Our vision statement is the north star of Trinity Community Church. Vision tells us where and what we’re shooting for [By the way, mission tells us how we’re going to get there]. This vision statement describes Trinity as it would appear in a future successful state. Of course, we know our vision will never be fully realized until Jesus returns to reign forever in power. Still, we’re compelled by our Savior to seek first His Kingdom and strive expectantly for the ideal set forth in God’s Word. Fueled by the power of the Spirit, the hope of God, and the renewing work of Jesus’ gospel, we toil to reach our vision for the glory of God.

What is Trinity’s vision?

To see the renewing power of the gospel made visible for Jesus’ fame, for Abington, and for the world.


what is a mission statement?

Mission is the specific task Trinity seeks to accomplish today to realize its vision for the future. It is our hope, prayer, and dream that each Trinity member would live riveted to this mission in the magnificent and mundane moments of their life.


Why is a mission statement important?

A fog in our mission is a mist in our living. Boiling down our central purpose(s) as a church is vital to providing clarity and purpose to all that we do. Mission is our reason for being; it’s our very soul. It gives each of us a sense of purpose for all we do when we gather or scatter as a church. Mission takes our Vision (see above) out of the pie-in-the-sky and puts real boots on the ground. Most importantly, a mission statement provides language to return to—over and over—that will shape the rhythms and priorities of Trinity.

What is Trinity’s Mission?

We exist to glorify God by making and mobilizing faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

What are Core Values?

Core Values provide us with shared language that can help ensure our Mission is carried out and our Vision is pursued.

Why Are Core Values Important?

Core Values are important because they describe—concretely—how we operate and behave as an organization. Core Values should be passionately held and actually lived out. They are not designed to be merely aspirational or relegated to the future. They’re a present, living guide for Trinity. Essentially, Trinity’s Core Values are our beliefs made visible, expressed in plain and simple language.

What Are Trinity’s Core Values?

God’s Glory Is Our Passion

We long to see God’s supremacy recognized and demonstrated in our lives and in the lives of all people.

God’s Word Is Our Foundation

We treasure the Word because it is true and because God gave it to us to redeem us and transform us.

God’s Spirit Is Our Power

We are eager to pursue God’s active, powerful presence (the Holy Spirit), that Christ may be magnified in our lives, in our church, and among the nations.

God’s Gospel Is Our Center

The gospel has real-life implications for every Christian—every single day. We are committed to preaching the gospel, singing it, praying it, and building our lives and church upon it.

God’s Simplicity Is Our Pattern

God’s plan for our gospel growth is simple. And, so is ours. A schedule overrun with church programs and activities is not our aim. We purposely keep things simple so that we can have more time for building intentional relationships with one another and with our neighbors.

God’s Community Is Our Context

We are committed to applying the gospel together in committed relationships that foster mutual encouragement, care, and a glad pursuit of Christlikeness.

God’s Welcome Is Our Hospitality

We believe God saved each of us to be spiritual contributors, not merely spiritual consumers. We reflect God’s radical love to us by being relentlessly hospitable to each other and to the world.

God’s Provision Is Our Generosity

We give generously because Jesus has given generously. Though He was rich, He became poor for our sake, so that we, through His poverty, might become rich.

God’s Renewal Is Our Pursuit

We are serious about holistic mission—confronting our communities, our nation, our world, and ourselves with the renewing power of the gospel in word and deed. Our gospel-centrality compels us to treasure the gospel personally and share it passionately.