What Is Mobilize?

Trinity’s mission includes both making ​and ​mobilizing​ faithful disciples of Jesus.​ To this end, TCC offers occasional Mobilize ​classes to​ equip you with practical resources to follow Jesus faithfully right where you live, work, and play. If you can drop a pin there (Google-style), you should live the gospel there … and we want to help you do this.

Mobilize classes are intensely practical, ​designed to help you to follow Jesus in really functional ways. The entire design of these classes is to put effective, useful tools into your hands to equip you for everyday faithfulness in real-life issues like: apologetics, marriage, parenting, anxiety, singleness, sexuality, finances, and much more.

Why Mobilize?

God calls all Christians to grow in their knowledge of Him and to proactively serve Him.​ In 1 Corinthians 14:20, Paul writes, “Brothers, do not be children in your thinking … but in your thinking be mature.” It is the responsibility of every Christian to mature in their thinking about God and how to live in His world. ​Mobilize is tailor-made for this.

Mobilize​ ​also intends to fight against the lie that the mission, care and spiritual formation of the church is the sole responsibility of professional pastors. ​Jesus makes it clear that following him is a community project. This is why Paul told the Ephesian pastors to “equip ​the saints​ (that’s the ordinary church members) to do the work of the ministry.”

So, TCC desires to equip you with the tools needed to steadily mature in your knowledge of and ministry for God.

When is Mobilize?

Sunday mornings from 9-9:45, for 12 weeks at a time.​

Each class will be followed by at least an 4-week break. We intentionally take breaks because an exhausted church is not a missional church.​ While we fully believe in the aim of our Mobilize classes, we also acknowledge that a schedule overrun with programs and activities isn’t wise or sustainable. So, we intentionally keep things simple so that we can enjoy resting in Christ’s finished work and make time for maximizing intentional relationships with one another and our neighbors. Because of this, we only meet for a maximum of 12 consecutive weeks.